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JDatabase Wizard Overview

Writing Java applications usually involves database connectivity. The database connectivity requires some kind of object relational mapping layer to be coded. This coding process is time consuming, repetitive, error prone and can require some complex programming when dealing with certain datatypes.

The JDatabase Wizard is a user friendly application which allows developers to quickly specify, generate and revise the object relational mapping layer for the application, so freeing them to concentrate on the application's specifics.

Using The Wizard

Using the Wizard couldn't be simpler.

Select the database table, view or stored procedure.

Select the columns you wish to encapsulate.

Specify which SQL operations the class performs.

Generate the code

That amounts to no more than 5 minutes. It would take far longer to do this repetitive task by hand.


The application is completely written in Java, using SWING as the graphical interface. Runs on Windows, Linux...

The user interface is easy to understand and use right away.

The application is dynamic. The Wizard only gets schema information when necessary. In this way the Wizard can be much more responsive: there are no long waiting times for the Wizard to download a complete database schema.

The Wizard provides high degree of control over the generated classes. This is achieved by allowing individual database columns to be earmarked for SQL Select, Insert or Update.

Database Tables, Views, SQL Queries and Stored Procedures are supported by the Wizard.

The current version, has the ability to generate bean managed persistence EJB source files.

Multiple queries for one Wizard entity can be encapsulated within the same generated class. The "Where" and "Order By" SQL clauses are entered by the user of the Wizard, matching select, update or delete methods are generated by the Wizard for the Java programmer to use. This also allows the user of the Wizard to enter DBMS specific SQL syntax, if required.

Multiple classes can be generated for the same entity. Some classes can be made to encapsulate only a selected number of columns from a table or view, another class can encapsulate the entire database entity's set of columns.

The full version uses project files to allow iterative code generation: it is possible to come back and make changes, then regenerate the code instantly. It is also possible to change existing entries in the Wizard, and then regenerate the code, without ever connecting to the database.

When coding against databases, there is the danger that the database schema has been changed. This can cause programs to stop working correctly. Finding the problem used to be tough. The wizard can check the classes against the database for you. Any possibly problematic changes are reported.

Datatype conversions are handled by the Wizard. LONGVARCHAR for example is internally manipulated as a CharacterStream and converted to a String for easier coding. It is also possible to earmark specific columns of one type as of another type. For example, if a database column is stored as a VARCHAR and the underlying data is integral, the wizard can perform the data conversions.

Configurable JDBC type mapping. In some cases a JDBC driver exposes a database type as an Object, when in fact it can be accessed using getString() or such like. The Wizard allows "default type maps" to be configured to generate just the right code for each database type. The type mappings are stored in the project file.

We are constantly working on improving this product, you can expect to see new features being added on a regular basis.


The Wizard is available in three versions:

  • Evaluation Version: the product contains no support for project files: no iterative code generation. This version is free
  • Full Evaluation Version: the product allows project files to be created and opened for a limited period. After expiry, the product behaves like the evaluation version. This version is free. To receive an evaluation key please send an email to info@j3ltd.com.
  • Full Version: support for project files is enabled, the product does not expire. To purchase this version please send an email to info@j3ltd.com.

Product Support

After purchasing the product, you can expect full access to any updates released, and friendly technical support for at least a year.

The release notes can be viewed here.


The product manual is available online here. It features many screenshots to illustrate the use of the wizard.

To download the product, please send an email to info@j3ltd.com.


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