Using The generated BMP EJB Classes Code

This section starts by giving an overview of the generated code. The subsequent sections start by explaining how to use  classes.

To find out how to control the way the code is generated for EJB's, please click here.

Database Table Columns Used

In order to make this section easier, a Person table is taken as an example.

Note that the primary key is not used for update operations.


The following finders have been defined.


The find all method was defined as follows:

Finder has MaxRecords Parameter is checked. This means the finder generated looks like this in the home interface:

   * Home interface finder.
   * Finds 0 or more records
   * @param theMaxRecords Maximum number of records retrieved from the database
   * @throws FinderException Something went wrong in the finder code
   * @throws RemoteException A system level error
   * @return an enumeration of 0+ Person remote interface objects
   public Enumeration findAll(int theMaxRecords) throws RemoteException, FinderException;

EJB Files Generated

The wizard generates the following files:

To generate a BMP EJB jar file, the java classes should be compiled and added to a new jar file, along with the manifest file. See the java documentation for information on creating jar files using the jar tool.

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