Code Generation


This section explains:

Code Generation Tabs

To display the code generation options, the last entry in the tree on the left hand side of the window should be selected.

Selecting The Classes To Generate Or Verify

The Code Generation uses the following tab set:

EJB Setup

The EJB Setup tab contains settings which affect all the generated BMP EJB's.

Specifying The Code Style

This tab allows the style of the code generated to be specified. If any changes are made to the fields, the Save button should be pressed.

Specifying The File Locations

The above tab can be used to specify where the java code files should be generated.

The folder (or directory) can be selected by pressing the "..." button, or the location can be entered in the textfiled. The folder can be relative to the project file's location, or a fully qualified path (absolute path).

Verifying Classes

When coding against databases, there is the danger that the database schema has been changed. This can cause programs to stop working correctly. Finding the problem used to be tough. The wizard can check the classes against the database for you. Any possibly problematic changes are reported.

The following Warnings are issued:

The following link explains in more detail how to manage changes in the database. The use of the Synchronize and Delete buttons is discussed.

Generating The Code

To generate code, the "Generate Code" button needs to be pressed. A status is displayed to show what classes are currently being generated, and if any problems have occurred.

Anytime a file already exists, it is renamed with an extension of .xja


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