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This section's aim is to help track the changes made during the writing of this article.

This article is work in progress. Any changes made to the documents are listed here.

As the article is developed, the database design is fluid. Tables are modified, or new tables added.

April 2006

The latest EJB and JSF API's are currently in draft form. Some software components are sometimes found to support an older version of an API specification. New versions of software will inevitably be released, which uses a newer API specification. Sometimes this also requires the example projects to be updated.

The way persisence.xml is coded has changed in the newer JBoss release, to keep track of the JEE spec. Also, the annotations for generated primary keys has been updated in JBoss. The version of JBoss used up to now was 4.0.3sp1. After some research and talking to developers, it was decided to move to JBoss 4.0.4RC1. This version supports the latest persistence.xml syntax, and also the latest way of annotating generated primary keys in EJB3 entities.

When moving to a new version of JBoss, it is important to copy the JDBC driver class for MySQL to the new installation's server/default/lib folder. The shoestringDS.xml datasource file is copied to server/default/deploy.

In Eclipse, creating a new Debug configuration automatically generates new JBoss EJB3 libraries. The various projects that are going to use the new release of JBoss, need to use the new library. The user library for JSF should be updated to use the jar files in the fresh installation of JBoss.

The source in Test Part 2 has been updated to reflect the new version of JBoss: persistence.xml has been updated to use persistence units. The names used to lookup EJB's have been updated in the web application code.

The database table Person has been updated: the old primary key "email" is now a unique index, a primary key called id was added (generated integer key). A new table called Address has been added.

The registration page and supporting code has been added. This page allows a user to enter their details, upon saving the page, the details are stored in the database.

There is no longer an issue with starting JBoss on an IP v6 based Linux PC.





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