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Listed here, are the websites that have been found of great interest.
Sun Microsystems Java Links
Sun Developer Network http://www.java.sun.com
This site is the home of Java. All the latest downloads and news is available here, by the makers of Java.
Java Tutorial http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial
Javasoft have created an excellent online tutorial, which is also available for downloading. This site is an excellent starting point for wannabe Java developers.
J2EE Application Servers
There are many J2EE servers available, some are free to use and deploy, three offerings are listed here.
JBoss has been around for many years, it is used by many large and small organisations.
A recent addition to the free J2EE servers. A few large IT companies offer support for this one.
Sun Microsystems are behind this latest offering.
Java Development Tools And IDE's
There are many Java IDE's, many are free to download and use. Listed here are three that are worth knowing about.
An extremely popular IDE that can be used to develop and debug Java applications. Many third parites supply plugins that extend the functionality of the IDE.
Sun Java Studio Creator http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/javatools/jscreator/index.jsp
A very nice Java IDE, very easy to start programming Java, due to its drag and drop approach to Java programming.
NetBeans http://www.netbeans.org/
Netbeans has been around for many years, no list of Java IDE's would be complete without mentioning this one.
Download And News Sites
Jars http://www.jars.com
Jars is a developer's site, with excellent Java coverage. The vast majority of third party Java products in existence are listed here, and eventually reviewed. Also of interest are technical articles and code samples.
IBM's alphaworks http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com
Free (impressive) downloads of beans and source code to amazing projects.
Apache http://www.apache.org
A fantastic set of projects are in progress within this community. Includes Fop which can be used to generate PDF documents from an xml document.
Javalobby http://www.javalobby.com
This site is a forum, where the latest news, announcements and views are published. An excellent set of Java related links are also present.
The Server Side http://www.theserverside.com
A J2EE community site. Articles, reviews and tutorials can be fond on this site. Another excellent source for EJB information.
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