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The tutorial hopes to teach JavaScript programming to people who have good knowledsge of HTML, but no programming experience whatsoever.


Bowsers And JavaScript

Some browsers are better at JavaScript than others. JavaScript is still evolving, and some features are only available in very recent releases. Netscape 3 and Microsoft IE 3 both perform well.

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Why JavaScript?

Most fat applications support some form of scripting. Word processors, spreadsheets, databases all now come with the ability to write "macros" or scripts. They allow programming to be embeded in a document (whether the "document" is a database or a spreadsheet is irrelevant).

Scripting languages can be described as a "glue" which allows various system components to be managed.

HTML defines a document type, but does not have any scripting as such. Enter JavaScript.

JavaScript allows Browser windows to be opened, document contents to be created (or generated), and most importantly, JavaScript can be used to effectively tie together all the components needed to make an HTML page truly interactive (buttons, edit boxes, popups, Java Applets ....).

On these points alone, JavaScript is worth investigating.

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Getting Started

In order to learn JavaScript, it is necessary to gain familiarity with the objects (or object hierarchy) the language manipulates, and also to learn the language.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the objects, without asking any questions. Some examples in the Window and Document object are interactive, so you can see what snippets of code do, and more importantly, what the object in question is about.
  2. The following link describes the JavaScript Object Hierarchy.

  3. Familiarise yourself with programming concepts.
  4. The following link introduces JavaScript programming language. And refers to JavaScript Expressions and JavaScript Statements.

  5. Roll your own code.

[Contents] [Tutorial] [Object Hierrachy] [Language] [Expressions] [Statements]

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