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From time to time, someone at J3 writes a document in order to pick up a new skill, or to make sure that some technical information is not forgotten. When such material is deemed readable and interesting, the document is published in this section of the site.

Spring Framework Introduction
The Spring Framework is widely used. This article provides an introduction to Spring by writing a Java application which makes use of several features of Spring..
Struts Introduction
Struts 1 is a popular Java Web application framework in use. This article gives aquick overview of how it is used. Previous knowledge of web application development and knowledge of MVC is expected.
Enterprise Application Development On A Shostring
The open source community has finally matured into a valuable source of free software. The aim of this article is to use free software to develop and deploy commercial quality web applications.
EJB 3.0 Quick Guide
EJB 3.0 Entity Beans can be coded and used quite easily. This article provides a quick overview of how they are coded and used. A reasonable understanding of JEE Beans is required to read this article.
EJB 3.0 Relationships
EJB 3.0 adds support for annotations to specify relationships between entities. This article explores ManyToMany, OneToMany and ManyToOne relationships using a simple project as an example.
Using Jaas
This document explains how to setup Jaas (Java user authentication) using Eclipse, JBoss and MySQL.
Java 5 Changes
Java 5 has quite a few additions. This article gives a quick overview of the new features in Java version 5. This document is inteded for experienced Java programmers.
Using XWinLogon
XWinLogon allows users of Windows based PC's to access the desktop of computers running the XWindows graphical interface (usually Linux based computers). Usually doing this can be very complicated, XWinLogon greatly simplifies the task.
Archive Section
The articles below may not be very relevant anymore. They were written a few years ago, and so do not cover the latest improvements that have been made in the subject areas they cover.
Enterprise Java Beans
Enterprise Java Beans are fast becoming an important technology for server side Java projects. This article focusses on how bean managed persistence enterprise java beans (BMP EJB's) can be coded.
Javascript in around 80 days
Originally written in 1996. This article gives a Javascript tutorial. The focus of the tutorial is the Javascript language, the Browser object model is only used to provide interactive Javascript examples.
Using CAB Files In Microsoft Internet Explorer
Internet explorer versions 3 and above allow packaged files to be automatically downloaded and installed on a user's machine. This article explains how this feature can be used to install java classes on the user's system, without requiring any user assistance.
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