Drum box is a pattern based drum sequencer for mobile phones.

Using the drum box is simple. One or more drum patterns are created using the pattern editor (shown below).

A song is created, and the play order of patterns is defined using the song editor (shown below).


The complete song can be played using the built in player.

When satisfied with the song, it can be exported as a Midi file. The saved Midi file can be used as a ring tone, or in desktop sequencers. The Midi file export of the drum box supports two export formats for such uses:

The following features are available:

  • Over 40 percussion instruments to choose from, for each pattern.

  • Loading and saving of projects allows for several compositions (songs) to be loaded, saved, deleted and copied.

  • Songs can be exported as a Midi file, and used as a ring tone or for further work in a desktop sequencer program.

  • Supports touch screen and keypad phones.

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