J3 Limited
J3 Limited

J3 Ltd was founded in 1997 to specialise in developing web internet and intranet sites. Since then we have also moved on to develop server based solutions for several companies.

Below is a small selection of companies we have provided expertise to:

J3 Limited, based in London, has been instrumental in the successful development of several commercial projects.

Encrypt Me is released, an Android mobile app that stores all your passwords in an encrypted file.

Encrypt Me is used to create an encrypted file of your choosing for your passwords..

Encrypt Me is an encrypted password storage solution.
Create an encrypted file of your choosing for all your passwords (tip: make regular backups of the file).
Only need to remember one password and one date of your choice.

Several types of entries can be created:
- Username, password.
- User id, username, password.
- Credit card PIN...

Each entry is given a title for easy retrieval.
A password can be copied, to paste in an other app's password field.
No internet access is required by the app, for ensured privacy and security.

Encrypt Me (English version) and Cryptez Moi (French version) are available on Google's Play Store.
Drum Box is released, the premier pattern based drum sequencer mobile app.

Drum Box Drum Box, is a pattern based sequencer for mobile phones. Edit patterns and string them together to form a song.

Over 40 drum instruments to choose from.

Projects can be loaded and saved.

Compositions can be exported as MIDI files: compose your own ring tones, or import them into the desktop sequencer of your choice.

The Drum Box manual is available here.

J3 Ltd has commercial experience with most internet development technologies.

We are not affiliated to any other commercial organisation. In this way we are free to select the best technologies based on their merit.

You can rely on us to recommend and provide a solution which fits your business.

JDatabase Wizard 1.3 (build 1468) is available.
Developing business applications invariably involves database connectivity. A tremendous amount of time can be devoted to mapping database entities to Java objects.

The JDatabase Wizard generates Java source code classes to manage the Object Relational mapping.

Work that would previously have taken days to code and debug can be generated in minutes.

JDatabase Wizard has already been used by some of the world's most reputable companies.

More information is available here

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